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God is at Work!!!

Sister C. was ready to pay her mortgage and found out that the mortgage had been reduced by $750.00.  Glory to God!  God did exceedingly above all that she could ask or think.


Sister S.  didn't know what she was going  to do because her insurance company was not going to cover that support piece for her foot.  She stood on the word, and the lord granted her favor and she received it anyway with only a minimal out of pocket cost!


Bro. M took the word of God literally as he learned about making a petition and  tapping into his heavenly account.  He was not disappointed.  He was awarded the $10,000 grant he was believing for.


Both Sister A. and Sister L. were in car accidents.  Both cars were totaled but they both received better cars than they had before their accidents.  Hallelujah!


Sis. S, who is decreeing Supernatural favor, received a notice that her tuition this term had been paid in full.  He is Jehovah Jireh!


Sis. S. hasn't worked in some time and they were behind in their mortgage.  After hearing how the word always works, she began to apply this truth to her situation.  God stepped in, and their home has been saved!

After graduating, Sis. T. began believing God for her job.  She struggled at first but began to speak that she was favored of God!  God rewarded her faith, and she walked into her new position literally, and was hired on the spot!  God can do ANYTHING!


Bro. B and Bro. M. received unexpected refund checks of over $400.00 a piece.


Sis. C was battling to get her vacation pay.  Over night, it seemed like her job just "changed their mind" and gave her more than what she expected.  Yes, God will do exceedingly, abundantly above all we can ask or think!


Bro. D was believing God for more hours on his job.  He got just what he asked for, he has more hours, therefore more $$$$.  Glory!


It just looked like Sis. L. wouldn't get her 4 bedroom home, but God intervened and she not only got her home, but got it for $500 less a month!


Sis. N. didn't know how she was going to pay for shool this term.  After talking to the financial loan officer, it looked like she wouldn't be eligible, but favor was granted to her and she was able to get into another program that gave her the funds that day.  Glory to God, she is back in school!

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